“Darke Apocalypse” by Lee Hall

If you want to ‘go beyond true darkness’ and feel goosebumps running back and forth, this book is definitely what you need.

“The Prophecy of Old states that everything in Life and Death must be balanced.” Lee Hall, “Darke Apocalypse”

The Plot:  Blake Malone, Caitlyn Turner, Luke Hartford, and the rest of the crew come back to a ‘ghost town’ Darke Heath to break into a final fight with the true darkness that only pretends to vanish. On the contrary, it becomes more dangerous, darker, and ruthless than ever. The night creatures hide among the shadows, make up their dark-minded plans, and are ready to use the pure souls as bait to entrap those who stay on the bright side into their dark empire. Only time will show the result of the fight between the light and the darkness. Because the creatures living ‘beyond true darkness’ always have a creephole through which they can come back.

The Writing Style: This is the final book in this amazing series. It can be compared with a summit ascent – approaching the summit, the view gets better and better, but the most astonishing one is on the top. Every book in this series has its unique, captivating charm that holds your attention from cover to cover and motivates you to start reading the next one as soon as possible. I won’t be surprised if there are some new books in this series in the future. The final book is mesmerizing, action-packed, and a heart-squeezing page-turner about witches, vampires, demons, and other night creatures. The author succeeded in doing a great job – the summit ascent was penetrated with perilous twists, heartbreaking scenes, sarcastic humor, and adventurous spirit. But the spending view from the top conquered my bookish soul, making me live with the characters even after reading this gorgeous fantasy novel with a well-thought world-building.

The Characters: There was a torrential rain of tears in my bookish soul while reading one of the final scenes. The author showed vividly how the bottom of the young soul writhes in pain, trying to survive and preserve the inner light; this young soul goes through all the stages of maturing in accelerating mode. The characters are incredible and will live in my bookish heart forever; when my son and daughter grow a bit, I’ll definitely recommend them this series.

My Favorite Quote: “The Prophecy of Old states that everything in Life and Death must be balanced.”

Would I read other books by this author: Absolutely!

My humble rating is: A view from the top is always the best – that’s why I’m giving this book my highest humble rating – 5.5/5 stars.

My ‘word’ for 2022 is ‘balance’. This book is one of the most well-balanced books I’ve recently read. Everything in this series is amazingly balanced – love, death, life, humor, actions, mystery, danger, and so on. This is one more reason why I gave this book the highest rating. Lee Hall succeeded in creating a perfectly balanced witch/vampire series with the masterpiece on the top!

This book is available on Amazon, and buckle up in the mysterious yellow taxi and be ready to keep your eyes wide open even if ‘true darkness looks directly at you.

Anyway, thank you for dropping by and reading this review.

Stay safe, take care, and happy reading!

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