“Darke Awakening” by Lee Hall

If you want to ’embrace the true darkness’ and have a ride on a ‘ghost horse’ through crowded night creatures, this book is what you need.

“Most people in this world have some good in them. especially when someone needs a little help”, Lee Hall, “Darke Awakening”

The Plot:  Blake Malone comes back to Darke Heath to confront the evil that starts awakening. ‘The sleepy town, surrounded by pines’ hides more and more dark and dangerous secrets. Those that are supposed to be buried appear to be alive and perilous more than ever. The life paths of Blake Malone and Twister are destined to cross, and together with the rest of the crew, they have to be pretty innovative to gain victory over the night creatures. The demons, shadows, vampires, and many other night creatures can’t wait to break into a fight, the outcome of which is sometimes impossible to predict, even for Foreseer.

The Writing Style: One more brilliant book in the “Open Evening” series that keeps readers in suspense from cover to cover. With every next book, the pace gets faster and faster – it seems you managed to tack up a ‘ghost-horse’ and ride like a bat out of hell. The dialogues still possess a perfect sense of humor in the background of the mortal danger, as if humor is one of the characters’ weapons. The brief wise musings flawlessly envelop readers’ hearts when the characters have a quick break in the dangerous game with the merciless night creatures.

The Characters: Lee Hall keeps balancing excellent world-building, intense plotting, and fantastically well-thought characters! His villains are truly soulless, back-stabbing, and cruel hellspawn; his heroes are genuinely ready-witted and kind-hearted (even though they try to hide it behind the ‘bravery’ armor. I felt so emotionally connected with them that sometimes it seemed to me I was in the “yellow taxi” that arrived at the right moment to save the situation.

My Favorite Quote:

“Sometimes no matter what you do to prevent dark things from happening, they just happen anyway.”

Would I read other books by this author: Sure!

My humble rating is: 5/5

“Everyone reacts differently to death. It’s a somewhat inevitable conclusion to life, but it always comes with a shocking force that we are never ready for” Lee Hall, “Darke Awakening”

I truly believe you’ll enjoy reading this book as much as I did!

This book is available on Amazon, and a perfect ghost horseback ride waits for you!

Anyway, thank you for dropping by and reading this review.

Stay safe, take care, and happy reading!

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