Dream! Dream?Dream!

“I have a dream!” – sounds great, right? It means that there is something to aspire to. There is a goal, which you want to achieve. Plans are being elaborated, means, methods and ways are being looked for. An inspiration and hazard crop up. Hundred thousand thoughts are being considered deeply and the work goes with a swing. And all that was just a dream firstly becomes real step by step.

I owe my granny a skill to dream in a right way. It was she, who cultivated this habit in me. But the point is that she taught me to dream in such a way that dreams turn into goal, some kind of landmarks on a life map.

Without any hesitation, it’s important not to turn into a mooncalf. At the same time I can’t name a dreaming process as a waste of time. Because a goal is sprout in cherished dream and desire, it stimulates to move ahead and to develop personality.

It is seems to me that life without dream and goal is terrible, boring and tiresome. Even when I have thoughts like this “what if my dream remains a dream”, I think of Henry David Thoreau, who wrote for a reason: “If one advances confidently in the direction of one’s dreams, and endeavors to live the life which one has imagined, one will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

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How I Met Gnomes

Have you ever met gnomes? I was lucky to meet these fairy fellows in one of the most amazing cities of the world – in Wrocław, Poland.

I’ve heard so much that Wrocław is the city of gnomes. That’s why as soon as I came there I stared looking for them.

By the way this city is a master of tricks. From one side you can’t tear off your eyes from its beautiful architecture. From the other side your have to be attentive if you want to find little fairy bodies.

They hide all and everywhere: on the walls , near cafes and castles, on windowsills and doors, on sculptures and monuments.

It seems like they’re playing hide and seek with city’s visitors. The only point is that they are always the ones who are always hiding.

They truly adore attentive people; you could see their happy reaction on their kind faces.

By the way a facial expression of every single gnome differs greatly. Every gnome has its profession, character and unrepeatable charisma.

As far as I got it right, nobody knows for sure how many gnomes live in Wrocław. Little fairy creatures are scattered all over the city and people even carry out cute quests: who will succeed in finding more gnomes.

I also don’t know an accurate number, but I found 42 gnomes! My inner child and writer’s soul were dancing and singing!

You won’t believe it, but the first one was waiting for me directly by the door of my rent apparent. It was late night, but I still noticed pretty gnome. And you know what? It was the pregnant gnome reading a book. I’m a mom and kids’ writer. I don’t believe in coincidence, I know for sure that my apartment was chosen with a help of some fairy forces.

Well, let me show you the tiny fairy fellows that stole my writer’s heart!

By the way, this was the second gnome that I met. He was with this cute doggie. Some years ago I had a dog of the same breed. Maybe my doggie sends me a greeting from his better place.

Yeap, these little guys do love gatherings. So you can find several of them in one place.

His palm is always ready for a high five and I’m pretty sure this funny one is ready to share his guitar with you!

This gnome can probably help you if you need some cash!😂

They are stronger than may seem at first sight😊

If you’re tired, you can join these gnomes 😊

One more creative gnome😊

I noticed him from the second try🙈

If you a photographer or simply love doing pictures you’ll fall in love with this gnome😊

An ice-cream lover😊

A music lover 😊

If you have a sweet tooth, this gnome invites you to taste some delicious chocolate 😊

A sleepy head😊

The Traveller!😊😍

A croissant lover 😊

A blogger! By the way! I give you a hint, this one is always drinking his first cup of coffee near Starbucks 😋

A big boss among gnomes 😊

An artist 😊

That’s adorable!

That was the last gnome that I met! He gave me a high five and wished me a save further trip!

I’m so happy that I visit Wrocław in winter. It seems to me that snow gave some special charm to the city. I felt as if I dived into a fairytale!

I don’t say ‘good bye!’ to the city.

I do know that a lot of gnomes are still waiting to be found. That’s why: see you soon, charming Wrocław! I’m sure that I’ll be back, because I left a piece of my heart here. That was one of my dreams to see the city of gnomes. Now it came true!😊

Thanks a bunch for your hospitality and a ton of inspiration! I have an ocean of thoughts that needed to transferred into a paper!

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5 Books

Would you be so kind to mention immediately 5 books that touched your heart-strings, stirred up you consciousness, turned your philosophy upside down and stuck in your memory forever. But before giving an answer, please remember that your further professional activity will depend on your answer. I got such a controversial question with these terms to answer at one of the meetings.

So, my answer was the following and in this sequence:

1.       “Spotted Dog Running On Seashore ” Chinghiz Aitmatov

2.    “The Thorn Birds” Colleen McCullough.

3.    All books (without an exception) by Marc Levy (“The Shadow Thief”, “My Friends. My Love”- are the best of the best, on my humble opinion)

4.    “Mrs Sinclair’s Suitcase” by Louise Walters

5.  “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak

My interlocutor raised an eyebrow, having heard point 3. He said that it goes beyond the set conditions. Moreover he said that he could not agree with the point 2. So I was offered a couple of minutes to think over. (although that was also beyond the set rules). But my answer remained the same. Then there was my passionate monologue in defense of the books of favorite authors. How can you read  “The Shadow Thief” by Marc Levy with dry eyes?”, – I kept on my passionate speech. (All those who  read it, will understand what I mean)

My talker raised an eyebrow again and said impartially: “Well, agree. But I still can not understand the point 2. But that’s your choice. We’ll call you. Have a nice day”. That was how this weird meeting ended up. But this discussion led me to the following thought.

There are no bad books. Each book will find its reader in a right time. Definitely.  Do not be afraid and do not hesitate to tell spontaneously those books and authors that you really like, rather than those that are currently in trend. Those books that are now fashionable to read, once will be called classics, but you will still love it.

I sincerely wish you to have YOUR fave books, to which you return from time to time, which you enjoy, in which you find something new over and over again, although the pages have already been reread to the holes.

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BOOK REVIEW / “Le clos des diablotins ” / Kim Chi Pho

Genre: Novel


Language: French

Publisher: Kindle Edition

Publish date: 2018

Reading this book was like riding along a roller coaster tracks. Every single page took my breath away and I enjoyed this terrific book to the fullest.

“Le clos des diablotins” is an awesome page-turner and an amazing sequel to “Mademoiselle Numéro 11”.

The plot: a mesmerizing life story about stunning lady named Linh Chao. One day Linh accidentally meets her friend of childhood Kamel, who supposes to commit an act of terror at one of the underground stations afterwards. Despite the fact that they had hardly glanced at each other, it was enough for police representatives to break through Linh’s apartment and carry out interrogation.

One fleeting meeting leads to a whirlpool of events that make Linh face tough, funny and thrilling situations.

As a narrator of the book, Linh perfectly combines her childhood memories with a present time.

How Mademoiselle Numéro 11 will cope with all the difficulties? Will she get all answers to the questions that torture her soul? What does help this gorgeous lady to beam brightly despite of all hectic events? All these answers you will find on the pages of this brilliant novel.

The characters: the main character and narrator is pretty lady Linh Chao – single mother of two charming daughters, ex financial director and writer. All other characters, that are described cutely and stylishly, appear and disappear from time to time.

The writing style: I absolutely fell in love with a writing style of this writer. Easy, fluent,full of perfect humour and wise quotes.

It took me a day to finish reading this book. Truth to be told I didn’t want to finish reading it. Why? Just because I couldn’t get enough of boiling life of awesome lady named Linh Chao.

This books became one of my owned ones in 2018.

If you look for a spectacular novel with elements of mystery and autobiography “Le clos des diablotins” by Kim Chi Pho is definitely what you need.

My humble rating is 5/5⭐️

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Book review/ “Mes Amis. Mes Amours”/ Marc Levy

Genre: Romantic comedy


Language: French

Publisher: Robert Laffont

Release date: 2006

Reading this book was like flying high in the sky and watching all loving couples.

The plot: all events take place partly in Paris and mostly in French village in a heart of London. Two men, Antoine and Mathias, in their mid-thirties give up hope in love. They decide to move in together and bring up their children, having set up some rules: no baby-sitters and no women in the house. But fate prepares another plans for them. Will these two charming fathers find their love? How do they succeed in bringing up their kids together? You’ll find answers on the pages of this brilliant romantic comedy.

The characters: there is an average number of characters. All of them are described in a cute way, masterfully revealing all their fears, thoughts and depths of soul.

The writing style: easy, smooth, full of humour, profound quotes and wisdoms of life.

I laughed out loud and cried a bit while reading this awesome romantic comedy. Marc Levy perfectly depicts a daily routine, milestones in love, friendship and bringing up children, imposing a light humour on lives of main characters.

If you need a terrific romantic comedy about love, friendship, kids and books – “Mes Amis. Mes Amours” by Marc Levy is definitely what you need.

My humble rating is 5/5⭐️

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Top 10 reasons to choose books by Kim Chi Pho

I discover a new writer for myself every single year. I call it – my bookish discovery. Well, my bookish discovery 2018 is Kim Chi Pho and her debut novel “Mademoiselle Numéro 11”. I had hardly blinked as I appeared to be on the past page. I should mention that it was incredible bookish trip to the world of Mademoiselle Numéro 11”.

Here is my list of top 10 reasons to fall in love with books by Kim Chi Pho:

1. You love a mix of Fiction/Autobiography/Novel;

2. You love to learn new historical facts;

3. You love sincere and brave women’s revelations;

4. You love a light mystery;

5. You’re a mom or you’re expecting;

6. You’re obsessed with books;

7. You love books about writer’s life;

8. You love books full of charming humour;

9. You love books that make you cry;

10. You love when a book has a soul

Well, book lovers if you put a ✅ near all the points above you’ll love this book.

I’m waiting impatiently to read Kim Chi Pho’s next book- “Le clos des diablotins”!

Meanwhile I sincerely do hope that you’ll enjoy the book that does have a soul – “Mademoiselle Numéro 11” by Kim Chi Pho as much as I did.


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The Right Book

In a perfect world childhood is a fairy time. It is time of daily amazing discoveries, sincere admiration for very simple things and wide-open eyes at all and everything in this world. All those things that we experience in our childhood do not disappear without leaving a trace. Even the most insignificant events leave a vivid tracery in a memory. Sweet memories are iridescent like a patchwork of reminiscences and are passed on from generation to generation. The bitter ones we try to leave behind the door that becomes closed for each of us sooner or later. This door is a door to childhood.

The first toy, the first penciled picture, the first teeter-totters, the first verse, the first song, and first movie and the first book – all these elements lay the groundwork for the future personality, brick by brick. I cannot but agree with a quote from one of my favourite movies (You’ve Got Mail) – “When you read a book as a child, it becomes a part of your identity in a way that no other reading in your whole life does”. I still remember all my book preferences. I clearly remember all those books that my parents used to read to me and those that I read effusively by myself. Now these books help me to acquaint my sweet baby boy with a breathtaking world of books.

The door to our childhood slams behind us and we become adults. If the door to the childhood is impossible to open, your inner child can be alive even when you’re an adult. As inimitable Sophia Loren said once that if you still are so lucky to be a kid in your mind then the best thing in your life is yet to come. I am lucky one. Notwithstanding that I am a mom, I am a kid in my soul. Probably, it is one of the reasons that in most cases I write stories for kids. Because children are the main source of inspiration. Their keen eyes and sincere smiles drive me to think up  new stories and new fairy tales. And may be it will be my book that will be “the right one” for someone and some day they will read my book to their children.

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