“The Mysterious World of Cats”/ by Herbie Brennan/ Book Review

Reading this book was as if my cat started talking like a human and revealed all the cats’ secrets since the ancient times.

The Plot. “The Mysterious World of Cats” is a fantastic book, where the writer narrates about his own life with cats, mentioning incredibly captivating historical, scientific and mysterious facts about cats almost since the beginning of the world.

The writer brilliantly combines his own life experience concerning little felines with amazingly interesting facts about cats from all over the world during different period of times.

The writing style: I enjoyed the writing style of Herbie Brennan. The writer succeeded not only in explaining difficult scientific facts in easy way, but also to intertwist these facts with such adorable creatures as cats.

The characters: There are a lot of characters in this book. But you will enjoy every human and every cat that appeared on the pages of this book, because the writer managed to introduce all of them in a perfect writing way.

If you’re a cat lover and science lover; and you do want to understand your fluffy friend better and to have a virtual excursion to the mysterious worlds of cats, “The Mysterious World of Cats” by Herbie Brennan is definitely what you need!

Would I read other books of this author: Definitely!

My humble rating: 5/5⭐️

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BOOK REVIEW / “Three Wishes“/ Liane Moriarty

Genre: Novel


Language: English

Publisher: Penguin Books

Release date: 2003

Reading this book was as if I spoke to three different people simultaneously and still enjoyed the conversation.

The plot: This is a story about three sisters, who are the triplets. At first sight one of them is happy mother, wife and business woman; the second one has an amazingly happy marriage; and the third one lives a cloudless life, changing jobs and boyfriends. But if you take a closer look you’ll see that the front picture of all of them is only a perfect cover. The lives of this trio is much more complicated and full of secrets.

The characters: In every novel by Liane Moriarty there are a lot of main characters and those, who play the second violin. I adore how the writer manages tu guide a reader through so many storylines in such a perfect way.

The writing style: I’m a big fan of Liane Moriarty’s writing style. Easy as if you are chatting with your best friend and full of wise life quotes as if you’re reading some spiritual ancient books.

Well, if you enjoyed «Big Little Lies», «Truly Madly Guilty», «Nine Perfect Strangers» you’ll love this book.

Would I read other books of this author: Definitely!

My humble rating: 5/5⭐️

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“Lethal White” by Robert Galbraith/ Book Review

It is one of the books that I call tasty or delicious. For me, reading this book was like eating my fave apple pie. I enjoyed every single ‘bite’ of it and couldn’t get enough. As usual.

The Plot.“Lethal White” by Robert Galbraith (Joan Rowling)is the fourth book in the series about charismatic private detective Cormoran Strike and his charming assistant Robin Ellacott.

They start a new twisted investigation that is full of dangers and curios riddles. Moreover, both of them face tough challenges in personal lives, trying to survive in a storm of hectic events of daily routine.

The writing style: I’m a big fan of Joan Rowling’s writing style. In particular, I’m in love with how she uses details while describing all and everything in the book. The way how she uses specifications is adorable. She manages to make her bookish world pretty real. I also enjoy curious and interesting facts that appear in the book from time to time. This book is full of numerous wise quotes that solidly stuck in my head.

The characters: Besides Cormoran Strike and Robin Ellacott there are a lot of other characters. But this is one of the main, amazing features of the writing style of this author, who manages to create, gather, lead and connect so many characters in one storyline.

My favourite quote: “How often were you aware, while it happened, that you were living an hour that would change the course of your life forever?”

Would I read other books of this author: Definitely!

My humble rating: 5/5⭐️

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BOOK REVIEW / “Us Against You“/ Fredrik Backman

Genre: Novel


Language: English

Publisher: ATRIA BOOKS

Release date: 2018

Reading this book was like wandering in the middle of a dense forest in winter and sorting out your deepest feelings ever, while frost keeps on grabbing you.

The plot: The book tells the big story of the small town “Beartown” hidden in the forest. The town’s biggest passion is hockey that influences its inhabitants since early childhood. Beartown Hockey Club is on a verge of collapse as well as lives of some characters. So the town’s residents desperately try to save the club, simple human relations and become better versions of themselves.

The characters: Numerous number of the main characters that are depicted in fantastic way gives a unique charm to the book.

The writing style: The writing style of this writer is incredibly good. Easy writing about sports, controversial feelings, everyday routine and tragic events made me worry about the main characters. The intense storyline grabbed my attention from the first pages.

Well, if you enjoy reading deep psychological novels full of endless wisdom, controversial feelings of everyday challenges and tense storyline, you’ll love this book.

My favourite quote: “The hardest thing about having a family is that you’re never finished”

Would I read other books of this author: Definitely!

My humble rating: 5/5⭐️

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10 reasons to read books by Fredrik Backman

Truth to be told I started writing this post being in the middle of reading of one of his books. «Us Against You», in particular. It is the sequel to «Beartown». So if you still haven’t read any of them, don’t forget to begin your bookish journey with «Beartown».

As I mentioned I’m still enjoying «Us Against You». But before writing a book review I decided to share all my «freshly-backed» emotions, thoughts and musings concerning books of this brilliant Swedish writer. And yes, just take a look at a number of stickers I used, having read only a half of the book. Actually, this whole book is one big quote, as well as «Beartown», «A Man Called Ove» . Well, here are 10 reasons, why you should read books by Fredrik Backman. (Surely, it’s only my humble opinion, but I do hope you’ll not only read his books, but become so ‘huge’ fan of Fredrik Backman’s creations as I am.)

10 reasons to dive into Fredrik Backman’s books:

1. You are a parent;

2. Your are a parent of little sportsman;

3. You’re a sportsman or relate to a sports world somehow;

4. You don’t want to burry your own dreams, under numerous blankets of self-sacrifice;

5. You went through a divorce or your marriage is on a verge of extinction;

6. You balance between your career and parenthood;

7. Your head goes blank, when you read news;

8. You went/go though tough time, and you still haven’t decide to become «waves or rocks»

9. You balance between being a good parent and reaching career’s tops.

10. You do want to become a better version of yourself.

Even if you don’t have kids and have noting to do with sports, you should read the books by Fredrik Backman. I read «A Man Called Ove», «Beartown» and «Us Against You» and I still can’t decide which one is my favourite. As all of them are full of endless wisdom, controversial feelings of everyday challenges and tense storyline.

I can say nothing but «Bravo!!!» to his three deep psychological novels – «A Man Called Ove», «Beartown» and «Us Against You»; and I can’t wait to read other books by Fredrik Backman:

«My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry», «Britt-Marie Was Here», «And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer», «The Deal of a Lifetime».

P.S. If you read some of the books by this write, I’m curios about your thoughts.


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BOOK REVIEW/“Nine Perfect Strangers”/Liane Moriarty

Genre: Novel


Language: English

Release date: 2018

Publisher: Penguin Books

Reading this book was like sailing a boat in a dense fog with an extraordinary captain on board.

The plot: Nine absolutely different people meet each other in a kind of health resort «Tranquillum House». Each of them have their reasons to choose this place. But all of them desperately need the result that owner of the resort promise them – transformation, renovation and solution to their inner problems. Will the nine broken souls find the cure and at what price will they get their transformation?

The characters: There are too many characters in this book. But all of them so masterfully depicted and connected with each other, that at the end of the book the number of characters doesn’t seem so numerous at all.

My favourite quote: «When you have children you think you life has changed foreve, and it’s true, to an extent, but it’s nothing compared to how your life changes after you lose a child»

Would I read other books of this author: Definitely!

If you look for an incredibly wise, brilliant, wit, deep, mesmerizing psychological novel «Nine Perfect Strangers» is definitely what you need.

My humble rating: 5/5⭐️

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BOOK REVIEW / “Bonjour Tristesse” (“Hello Sadness”)/ Françoise Sagan

Genre: Novella


Language: French (Ukrainian translation)

Release date: 1954

I enjoyed reading Françoise Sagan’s creations when I was at school. «Amez-vous Brahms…» and «Un peu de solei dans l’eau froide» made my bookish heart melt and stuck in my soul forever. Years had flown, but Françoise Sagan’s magnificent novellas still make me cry and make my heart squeeze. “Bonjour Tristesse” (“Hello Sadness”) by Françoise Sagan didn’t become an exception. Having finished reading this book (it took me a day to read it), I understand that there are writers, whose books will stay wise, actual and genius for many upcoming generations.

Reading this book was like swimming in a sea of tears, heartbreaking decisions and afterthought wisdom.

The plot: The book tells the story about 17-year-old girl Cecil. She spends her summer with her widowed father and his girlfriend in a villa on French Riviera. One day the old friend of Cecil’s deceased mother came to visit them on invitation of her dad. Going through her first love experience, young Cecil decides to become an invisible «filmmaker» of her father’s life. She sets traps for unwanted guest that leads to drama; moreover, Cecil gets into these traps by herself.

The characters: There are few main characters in this novella, but a whirlpool of decisions, emotions and reflections will take you far away into the bookish world.

Well, if you like wise, breathtaking and heartbreaking novellas, you’ll love this book.

My favourite quote: “Your idea of love is rather primitive. It’s not a series of sensations, independent of each other…It’s something different…a sense of loss…”

Would I read other books of this author: Definitely!

My humble rating: 5/5⭐️

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