Thank you, dear readers!

IndieApril was amazing for me and my fluffy assistant Josef!  I still can’t believe it!🙈

THANK YOU, dear readers! 🙏

I feel happy and nervous a bit at the same time, because it’s so important for me that you have a good time with my books and “Josef The Writer’s Cat” in particular! I keep my fingers crossed and hope you’ll enjoy it!✍🏼📖☺
Happy Caturday!🐾✍🏼📖

In case you are interested in, here is a link of “Josef The Writer’s Cat” on Amazon

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BOOK REVIEW / “The Ghost Beside Me”/ Lee Hall

If you are an introvert, if you believe in ghosts and that one encounter can turn a life upside down, you’ll enjoy reading this glorious novella.

“Some forces are worth believing in” The Ghost Beside Me, Lee Hall

Genre: paranormal/mystery novella   

Pages: 60

Language: English

Release date: 2019

The Plot:   Edward Neville is an introvert. His only passion, as well as a profession, is numbers. He lives his lonely life as an accountant who prefers Robinson Crusoe’s lifestyle. Being not communicative, he usually brushes people off and prefers staying on his own. But one day, Edward meets someone who used to be like him. This someone is a ghost who tries to help the lonely accountant to glance at the world outside from a different perspective. But the problem is that Edward doesn’t believe in ghosts. Whether beautiful ghost Molly can persuade Edward and save his soul, you can find out reading this brilliant novella.

The Writing Style: This is my first book by this writer. Having adjusted to his extraordinary and peculiar writing style, I could not tear off my eyes from this book. The novella is written in the form of a journal, where slow-paced writing mixes with heartbreaking scenes that made my heart galloping and acerates the reading pace. It sounds controversial a bit, but that’s how it was for me – slow and fast at the same time. I adored how the writer managed to describe an introvert’s inner world – so accurately, delicately, respectively, and with a note of love and an adventurous inner spirit.

The Characters: The number of characters is minimal. The writer succeeded in focusing and holding the attention stuck to the main character perfectly. I was glued to pages following his musings, inner battles, and decision-making. I loved how carefully and gradually the writer introduced the female character and how slowly but surely their relationship with the main character flourished.

Warnings: Anxiety, loneliness

My Favorite Quote: “Even in the deepest darkest of voids one can find something truly worth having in life, or death.”

Would I read other books by this author: Certainly yes!

My humble rating is: 5.5/5

This book on Amazon –

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Do you read indie authors?

I know that most of the readers prefer reading books by traditionally published authors than indie ones. ️

But if only you knew how many gem authors are among the independently published writers! If only you knew how gloriously their books are written! How amazing their characters are! 

And if only you knew how difficult it is to become at least visible for readers!️ I’m not even talking about becoming a fave one. 

That’s why if you give a chance to an indie author, please, spend 5 minutes to leave a review! It is important for an indie author more than you can imagine!

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BOOK REVIEW / “I’ll Take You to See the Ocean”/ Chantal Bellehumeur

If you like touching novellas full of bitter-sweet moments, you’ll enjoy reading this one.

Genre: Novella   

Language: English

Release date: 2021

The Plot:  Caroline lost her husband when she was eight months pregnant. She is a single mom who is doing her best to raise a little human into a noble grown-up. In her late twenties, Caroline dedicates all her free time to her son and tries to make his childhood full of happy and memorable events. She knows that the 5 y.o. boy dreams of seeing the ocean one day. So, Caroline decides that a cruise to the Magdalen Islands will be a bright memory in her son’s collection of memories. Together, they set off for a trip that will hugely influence both.

The Writing Style: It is one of the most touching, heartwarming, and heartbreaking novellas I’ve recently read. Besides the fact that the writer managed to describe all the scenes, actions, and details so accurately and perfectly that I felt myself traveling with Caroline and her son, the author also depicted the “mother-son” relationship brilliantly. I cried a lot because there were a couple of episodes that made my heart squeeze. I giggled a few times because some hilarious moments filled my soul with pleasant warmth. I did enjoy the educative and informative facts that the writer added to this glorious story. In general, the writing style is enjoyable and pleasurable. A reader can definitely read it in one sitting.

The Characters: The number of characters is minimal. I don’t even remember reading such stories, where there are only two main characters and a few minor ones. At the same time, I enjoyed how the whole story was focused on those two. They were described amazingly and enough for me to feel an emotional connection with them.

Warnings: Illness, grief, anxiety

Would I read other books by this author: Undoubtedly, yes!

My humble rating is: 5/5

This book on Amazon

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5 Facts About Josef The Writer’s Cat

Today I saw that somebody had bought a paperback sample of “Josef The Writer’s Cat”.

My son offered to bake my legendary ‘Leipzig Vanilla Muffins’ to celebrate this small victory, and we did it!

Then I also decided to tell you 5 facts about my fluffy assistant. Well, here they are:

  1. Cat Josef behaves more like a dog;
  2. My fluffy assistant is too kind for a little feline;
  3. Josef usually sleeps like a human: with his head on a pillow and body under a blanket, with one paw out;
  4. Josef is our fluffy alarm clock; he usually wakes us up in 5 minutes before a signal;
  5. Cat Josef has his personal chair around the table; he usually sits with us during our meal and family talks.

A million thanks to the person who bought my book on April 13th and brightened my day! I do hope this person will enjoy reading about my faithful fluffy assistant.

In case you are interested in, this book is available on Amazon

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BOOK REVIEW / “What Stories Letters May Tell”/ Judah Lamey

If you like mystery novellas full of family intrigues and unexpected twists, you’ll enjoy reading this one.

Genre: Mystery novella   

Pages: 66

Language: English

Release date: 2019

The Plot:  James Frost is a butler in the mansion of Agatha Brottie. He has been there for ages and has seen many hustle and bustle of the big Brottie family. But a few days before his departure appear to be extraordinary ones. He happens to get into the middle of the fatal mystery taking place among the family members. Would he be able to get to the bottom of the puzzle without danger for himself? You can find it out while reading this splendid novella.

The Writing Style: I fell in love with this writing style from the first pages. It possesses an old-fashioned charm that I love the most in books! A leisure pace mixes with a smart, humorous, twisty, and well-structured world-building. One of the things I liked the most was a description of the food and cooking process. The writer managed to depict it so great that I felt like having snacks almost when I was reading it.

The Characters: The number of the characters is average. The author described them so well that I felt as if I suddenly met friends that I’ve not seen for ages. I liked how the author managed to express the wisdom of aging people and the young one’s unthoughtful decisions. James Frost, Agatha Brottie, and Kalynn are definitely my favorite characters in this novella; they conquered my heart from the early beginning.

Warnings: War, death, grief, family scandals/intrigues

Would I read other books by this author: Absolutely yes!

My humble rating is: 5/5

This book on Amazon –

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BOOK REVIEW / “The Seller of Sins II Redemption”/ by Kristina Gallo

A rocket-style and compelling psychological novella that makes a reader fidgeting due to the unpredictability of events. This fabulous dark sequel of “The Seller of Sins” is a great page-turner.

Genre: Novella  

Language: English

Publisher: Self-published

Release date: 2021

The Plot: Karolina looks pretty and adorable in her early forties. Having got into a marriage crisis, she does her best to be a better version of herself; she works on the wreckage of her marriage with the hope it still has a chance. But one-day bad news rains down on Karolina’s head. It appears that even if she wants to start everything afresh, she has to go through the pitch darkness.

The Writing Style:  One more brilliant, dark, and sarcastic novella by Kristina Gallo that is written in a hunting leopard style. Fewer descriptions of the sceneries, more depiction of actions – it can be said about this story.  Thoughts, appearances, and strategies of all of the characters are significantly depicted, but still, I worried about them as the novella is full of intense twists. You never know what waits for you on the next page.  

The Characters: There are a few characters, and all of them, the main and the minor ones, are described in a wit, profound and accurate way. The writer succeeded in making me love and hate some of them.  

Warnings: Death, car accident, illness, tragic accident

My Favorite Quote: “New life always finds a way.”

Would I read other books by this author: Definitely, yes!

My humble rating is: 5/5

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BOOK REVIEW / “Freezing Frame”/ Peter May

If you like unhurried-paced crime thrillers with lyrical deviations and numerous beautiful descriptions of surroundings, you’ll enjoy reading “Freezing Frame” by Peter May.

Genre: Psychological/crime thriller   

Pages: 371

Language: English

Release date: 2010

The Plot:  Enzo Macleod is a former forensic scientist. Having moved to France, he starts teaching. Moreover, he turns into a private investigator. Solving cold cases turns his life into a roller coaster. This time he dives into a dark and dangerous case that includes a Nazi war criminal who finds shelter on the Ile de Groix. Trying to nail down the villain, Enzo faces the unthinkable choice in his personal life. Balancing between job and family, an old investigator tries to do the right thing both in investigation and private life.

The Writing Style: This is my second book by this writer. Due to the similarity of both books I’ve read, I’ll leave the same description of his writing style in this review. It was slow-paced, with many intense moments scattered along the whole thriller from cover to cover. I like how the author managed to wander from the investigation’s point, including the main character’s musings about a relationship, parenting, and life in general. Even though I guessed the murderer long before the end of the book, I kept on savoring every single page. This book is an oldie but a goodie, with profound research, the perfect description of the scenes and background.

The Characters: The net of lead and minor characters is well-structured.  I loved how virtuously the writer described the appearances and features of heroes and villains. I like to be emotionally connected to the characters, and in this thriller, I lived on every single page.

Warnings: Murder, illness, grief, suicide

My Favorite Quote: “Life is precious at any age.”

Would I read other books by this author: Absolutely yes!

My humble rating is: 4/5

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What book is for you?

Most of you know how much I admire this beautiful lady – What Victoria Read. She is one of the most amazing human beings I’ve met. I don’t even speak about her bookish tastes. They are so unique and fabulous! I bet you won’t regret a second to follow this gem person.

Moreover, Victoria is one of my favorite booktubers. So, having watched her new video (Reading For My Personality Type!), I couldn’t resist my temptation to follow her example.

Sure, I know that I’m an introvert, but still, I was pretty curious to dig a bit deeper.

Here is a link, in case you’re bloody curious to find out what is your personality type and what book is waiting for you. (

Well, I appeared to be “The Defender”.

The book with a gorgeous book cover, “The Pull of Stars” by Emma Donoghue, matches my type. (Victoria’s video is a perfect guide to find out your type and book. Enjoy the video and don’t forget to look into the description below).

Truth to be told, I heard nothing about this book and author before, but I’m on my way to fix it!

This book on Amazon –

Thank you for stopping by! I do hope you’ll enjoy finding out the book that suits you!

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💙Buonasera, lovely bookworms! ✍🏼

“People scold intuition, because it is silent when it is needed; people endlessly blame themselves for having silenced intuition when it spoke too loudly”

“The Everlasting Dance”, Ellen Khodakivska

🤓My intuition is one of my best inner radars. I regretted so much at those rare moments when I skipped it off and didn’t listen.

❓Are you highly intuitive person?

The Everlasting Dance on Amazon

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