“Follow the Hummingbird” by Elena Carter

If you are looking for a brilliant, heart-squeezing, touching, and cleverly written novel about dreams, don’t hesitate a second to read this one.

The Plot:  Tina is a young woman and an aspiring writer. She is deeply in grief after her husband’s death. Tina has a bright and vivid life in her dreams. But after the tragedy, her dreams become more and more realistic. Sometimes, the woman even loses the sense of reality and track of time. The life in her dreams becomes more and more attractive than reality. Opening one door after another in her dreams, Tina risks having her soul grabbed by the ancient dark force hiding somewhere in the numerous realms of her dreams.

The Writing Style: It is the first book in “The Dream Tamer Chronicles.” I’m delighted I have the second one on my bookshelf. The reason is obvious –book one is so masterfully written that I couldn’t get enough of it. It’s one of the most heartwarming, heart-squeezing, and touching books I’ve recently read. Moreover, it’s also one of the most cleverly written books about dreams I’ve read. It’s apparent that the author carried out massive research giving different perspectives of views concerning dreams. But still, every single page is penetrated with deep feelings, boiling emotions, light humor, tender care, and unconditional love. The writing style is so easy and deep at the same time. The novel is unputdownable, blow minded, and mesmerizing in every line. If you watched the “Ghost Whisperer” series and enjoyed it, then you’ll love reading this book.

The Characters: There are a few characters in this novel. But I can’t stop admiring how brilliantly and thoughtfully all of them are portrayed. Their dialogues seemed so real that I felt involved in their talks. Their emotions and feelings were described so thoroughly that it seemed I was there with them. The characters were so alive on the pages that I felt a solid emotional connection to them. I truly enjoyed how Elena Carter intertwined the main character’s life in two worlds with all the tiny and essential details. I liked how virtuously the author succeeded in describing relations among the characters. As if their relations were thick ropes that could be touched and evaluated for strength.

The fave quote: “Dreams are complicated. They can be a blessing or a curse.”

Would I read other books by this author: Sure!

My humble rating is: 5.5/5

P.S. I’ve been too familiar with the world of dreams since my early childhood. I know perfectly well about the curse and the blessing. Probably, that’s why I felt so emotionally connected with the main character and couldn’t agree more with one of her musings: “It would be cool if I could take pictures of my dreams…Somebody needs to invent a camera like that…”

I hope you’ll enjoy reading this book as much as I did!

“Follow The Hummingbird” is available on Amazon.

Anyway, thank you for dropping by and reading this post!

Stay safe, take care, and happy reading!

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“Love For Imperfect Things” by Haemin Sunim

I’m happy that I started my 2023 with this book. It’s a magical chest of inspiration, motivation, encouragement, and wisdom. If you need a book that will charge you with positive vibes and words that will make you look at many things from a different perspective, this one is what you’re looking for.

The Plot:  We follow a Korean monk who analyzes numerous life challenges, daily routines, and human emotions while describing his own experience and other people’s stories. Every chapter starts with a short story reflecting on this or that topic, and then there is a sort of kit of wise thoughts, musings, and simply inspiring notes.

The Writing Style: The translation of this book is adorable. This inspirational book was easy and enjoyable to read. It felt like traveling on a fluffy cloud along the cloudless blue sky from one station of wise thoughts to another. The author manages to present his views without imposing them; if you read between the lines, it seems like the author whispers: ‘I’m glad this or that thought finds a reflection in your heart; if not – it’s fine, probably your own view will be perfect for you in this imperfect world.’

My Favorite Quote: “Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Be afraid only of not learning from your mistakes. An expert is someone who has acquired skills and knowledge by making a lot of mistakes.”

Would I read other books by this author: Absolutely!

My humble rating is: 5/5

If you have a chance to read this book, don’t miss it; even though it doesn’t change your views drastically, at least it will make you look at imperfect things from a different perspective – with love.

A huge ‘Thank you’ flies to two glorious sisters from Saudi Arabia – Naaz and Farrah – for sending me this fascinating book! Naaz and Farrah, you are definitely ‘heaters’ as well as the gifts you usually send to me! THANK YOU!

Anyway, thank you for dropping by and reading this review.

Stay safe, take care, and happy reading!

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“The Tales of Fluke & Tash. Christmas Adventures” by Mark Elvy

If you want to dive into a magical Christmas atmosphere and visit a Flying Reindeer Academy, buckle up and join Fluke and Tash in the most Christmassy book I’ve recently read. Even if you are an adult, but your inner child is still alive, you’ll fall in love with this marvelous book.

The Plot:  Dogie Fluke and kitty Tash are pets who sincerely believe in Christmas magic. Two friends have a cherished wish to help Santa in Christmas preparations. Their wish comes true because it is a magical time, and miracles happen. Two friends set off to the North Pole, where Santa’s Christmas village is situated under an invisible shield. Fluke and Tash can’t even imagine that they are going to help Santa to fix a huge problem.  

The Writing Style: When I started reading this book, “All Alone on Christmas” by Darlene Love sounded in my head. In the official video, the actor starring as Kevin McCallister says, “Let’s rock & roll.” Then everything burst into an amazing song. So, to this song, I jumped into a magical case, buckled up, and, together with Fluke and Tash, set off to the adorably-thought world of Mr. and Mrs. Claus, elf school, and Flying Reindeer Academy. My son and I couldn’t get enough  – the book is written at a merry dynamic pace that we tried to savor every page to the fullest, not missing a single adventurous detail. This book is educative, funny, twisty, and full of magic and kindness. Mark Elvy made my son and me believe that somewhere at the North Pole, there is a magical Santa’s village; only those who truly believe in the Christmas spirit can find it. Thanks to brilliant easy-read writing style and fairy descriptions, my son and I were lucky to be there. We enjoyed a tea ceremony with Mr. and Mrs. Claus. We got permission to help decorate the Christmas Tree with professional elves. We even found out that the reindeer can catch a cold and how a doctor can help Santa’s helpers to get ween soon. The Christmas adventures of Fluke and Tash charged us with festive spirit, proving that if you believe – miracles happen.

The Characters:  There are so many fairy characters – all are portrayed perfectly! Santa Claus, with his legendary beard and ‘Ho-Ho-Ho’ – it seemed he stood next to me, and I could see his kind smile through his beard; it seemed like I heard him saying: “Ho-ho-ho! Let’s pack the sleigh and have a ride!” I was lucky to participate in elf pranks and play snowball with these mischievous creatures.

My Favorite Quote: “Christmas magic, Fluke. You just have to believe in the spirit of Christmas, that’s what’s so wonderful about this time of year.”

Would I read other books by this author: Absolutely, yes!

My humble rating is: 5.5/5

I truly believe you’ll enjoy reading this book as much as we did. My son and I still have a fairy aftertaste after this book.

I gave my highest humble rating to this book because the world-building was so real and vivid that I felt myself living in Santa’s village under the invisible shield at the North Pole.

This book is available on Amazon, and a tea ceremony in the invisible village of Santa Claus waits for you!

Anyway, thank you for dropping by and reading this review.

Stay safe, take care, and happy reading!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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“The Secret Behind The Silk Sheets” by Kristina Gallo

If you enjoy reading twisty suspense thrillers about dangerous family secrets, this book is definitely what you need.

The Plot:  Sebastian is a handsome man from a family of local politicians. He is young, intelligent, and has all chances to build a bright future. He dates a beautiful lady named Klara from the family of a successful local entrepreneur. They would live happily ever after if there were not so many secrets from both sides. Sebastian keeps silent about his past; his fiancée discovers that her family drowned in the sea of secrets more than she could imagine. But all the secrets usually peer out from the shadows of the past and can bring real chaos to their keepers.  

The Writing Style: It is one more gorgeous dynamic, and unputdownable book by Kristina Gallo. It is written at a fast pace, focusing on the intensity of events when emotions go so high that you can’t tear your eyes from the pages. The author intertwists real danger with the mystics so brilliantly that you lose the sense of reality and dissolve in the world of perilous intrigues and mortal prophesies. The thriller is cleverly written and has so many twists that sometimes you need time to process the scale of a human’s ability to create such a mess. Sometimes, reading such novels, you can ask yourself  – “Can it all happen in real life?” But Kristina Gallo proves that the most incredible stories can happen to real people whose stories can become someone’s adorable suspense thriller in consequence.

The Characters: There are many characters in this book. But the most surprising was each of them was trying to take the lead. Each of them was shown as if he/she is the main character and all the others are just satellites. Each of them was described thoughtfully and vividly. Villains were depicted deep enough to make you want to slap them fiercely; the good ones obviously needed your hugs from the first pages. I enjoy how the author described the shade of a human’s inner world, stressing the controversial aspects of human nature. As if the author gives a reader a chance to decide whether this or that character is bad or good.

Would I read other books by this author:  Yes!

My humble rating is: 5/5

I truly believe you’ll enjoy reading this suspense thriller as much as I did!

This book is available on Amazon, and a whirlpool of mystic and dark family secrets waits for you!

Anyway, thank you for dropping by and reading this review.

Stay safe, take care, and happy reading!

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 “Éteignez tout et la vie s’allume” by Marc Levy

If you are looking for an amazingly touching and philosophical short novel, this book is what you need.

“Le destin n’est rien d’autre queue la some des choix que l’on fait.” Marc Levy, “Éteignez tout et la vie s’allume”

The Plot: Adele Glimpse sets off for a trip by ship. The occasion of her journey is sad – the funeral of her first love. Due to his reasons, Jeremy also decides to travel and embarks on the same ship. The meeting point of two people turns into a fateful journey that destines to change their lives.

The Writing Style: This book is what I definitely needed to read on the eve of magical Christmas time. This glorious book seems to take me to a secluded bubble where two people turn off the bustle and hecticness of daily routine and focus on the magical power of now. They lit a candle of life, flaming gradually to reveal the curious life secrets. I intentionally read this book slowly to savor numerous wise quotes and leisurely-paced style. This short novel is simultaneously full of heart-breaking and heart-warming scenes; it is full of brilliant philosophical musings and awesomely romantic twists. One more glorious page-turner by Marc Levy is written in an incredibly charming, touching, and highly elegant style. In my humble opinion, the book is written with deep love, a pure and sincere heart, with a soul that never stops looking for answers to eternal questions.

“Le coeur ne vieillit pas”, Marc Levy, “Éteignez tout et la vie s’allume”

The Characters: I enjoyed the trip with those few magnificent characters in this novel to the fullest. I felt their pain and inner tortures; I was involved in their fascinating discussion concerning an author’s life and characters; I traveled back in time with them to sneak into the window of their memories. Together with them, I turned off all and everything and lifted my gaze at the stars to see how life started burning purely and thrillingly.

My Fave Quote:

C’est important de préserver la mémoire, le souvenir des moments calmes qu’on a vécus dans des vies qui ne le sont jamais, parce que là, on arrache un peu de temps à l’éternité”

Would I read other books by this author: Undoubtedly, yes!

My humble rating is: 5/5

C’est important de préserver la mémoire, le souvenir des moments calmes qu’on a vécus dans des vies qui ne le sont jamais, parce que là, on arrache un peu de temps à l’éternité” Marc Levy

I read this book in French and had a magical time with this glorious novel. Meantime, I wasn’t so courageous to write my review in French. So, if you speak French, don’t hesitate a second to read this short and brilliant novel. I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I did.

Anyway, thank you for dropping by and reading this review!

Stay safe, take care, and happy reading!

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“Finding Your Way” by Eve Koguce

If you want to feel yourself a student again, travel around Latvia and meet a mermaid, this book is definitely what you need.

“Most things don’t deserve to be taken seriously.” Eve Koguce, “Finding Your Way”

The Plot:  Zanda is a young Latvian girl. Leaving her school years behind, she is about to dive into adventurous University life. But before making the next step, she finds herself in a sort of a salle d’attende, a waiting room named summer vacation. While her friends enjoy the summer to the fullest, Zanda faces uneasy choices. Drifting on the waves of the boiling Baltic sea full of first love challenging choices, future career perspectives, revealing true friendships aspects, and sneaking into the first sights of adult life, beautiful Zanda is trying to find her way. And only time will show whether the choices made were the right ones.

The Writing Style: I’ve read all the books by Eve Koguce and enjoyed reading them so much. “Finding Your Way” doesn’t differ much from the author’s previous trilogy. It is written in an exquisite style. There were so many intrigues, mind-blowing twists, and true-life heart-squeezing episodes. But all the stormy and calm events were perfectly described in the tiniest details! I could feel the drops of the sea salt water on my lips, enjoy a delicious pie on the occasion of the name day of the character, pick up the cucumbers in a cozy garden and say ‘hi’ to noisy seagulls flying around. Traveling around Latvia, peering into secluded and mystical places, made my imagination bloom to the full. This brilliant, thrilling, beautifully emotional young-adult novel warmed my heart, making me travel back in time when emotions ran high and everything seemed a bit more miraculous than in adulthood.

The Characters: It felt like I met an old friend, and she told me a chapter from her life. It seemed as if I had known Zanda for ages. I mean that the author succeeded in making the main character so real that I felt the connection from the first pages. Spending time with Zanda in a salle d’attende, I met many lovely people that were such a pleasure to meet; some appeared to be “not my people.” It means – bravo to Eve Koguce! Even if you want to take a shower after meeting the unpleasant characters, it is a huge achievement to create them in such an elegant style. All of them are described in a royal, well-mannered, and polite tone.

The Fave Quote: “Most things don’t deserve to be taken seriously.”

Would I read other books by this author: Undoubtedly!

My humble rating is: 5/5

You can find this glorious novel on Amazon!

Anyway, thank you for dropping by and reading this post!

Stay safe, take care, and happy reading!

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“Unfinished business” by Kristina Gallo

If you want to be at the sharp end on the pages of a brilliant suspense thriller, this book is what you need.

The Plot:  When Amir was five years old, he witnessed Serbian soldiers kill his grandfather. Many years later, Amir didn’t hesitate to join the criminal group to get revenge. He didn’t realize that it would be impossible to leave it freely. Almost impossible. Meanwhile, he works in Austria and tries to preserve a long-distance relationship with his wife Jelena – a pretty lady who tries to be the best wife ever. One day she gets the proof that their marriage isn’t cloudless.

Moreover, the woman realizes that the storm is coming. At that moment, she meets Stefan, who has dangerous baggage behind his back. Amir and Jelena happen to be in “a perfect storm” of their marriage and life in general. There is a slight chance they will be able to survive.

The Writing Style: I have read all the books by Kristina Gallo so far. All of them are written with perfect sarcastic humor, perilous twists, and a captivating plot. But this one just blew my mind. The book is cleverly written in “gangsta’s paradise” style. Love, death, tears, passion, money, revenge, betrayal, murders – like black and white movie shots flash before a reader’s eyes, holding in tension from cover to cover. I enjoyed reading the numerous historical facts subtly described in the background of the main plot line. Beautifully seductive, eye-catching, and ‘electrifying’ page-turner that enthralled me from the first pages.   

The Characters: I can’t say this book is full of characters. I would probably say that the thriller has brilliant actors – each has perfect costumes and suitable make-up. They all play their roles adorably, gluing my attention when the events rise to a fever pitch. The bewitchingly thought plot and ideally portrayed characters can turn this suspense thriller into an awesome black-and-white movie one day!

Would I read other books by this author:  Yeap!

My humble rating is: 5/5

I truly believe you’ll enjoy reading this suspense thriller as much as I did!

This book is available on Amazon, and an emotionally charged atmosphere waits for you!

Anyway, thank you for dropping by and reading this review.

Stay safe, take care, and happy reading!

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“End Game” by David Toft

If you want to see how artfully the witch helps the head of the Scotland Yard squad to investigate the weirdest cases, this dynamic fantasy novel is what you need.

“If you take away the magic nothing makes sense.” David Toft, “End Game”

The Plot:  Stuart Wilson is the head of Scotland Yard’s antiterrorist squad. Together with his American colleague launch an unusual investigation. The case appears to be full of scary events and unbelievable facts. The case needs a magical intrusion. That’s why the help of a beautiful witch is much needed in the investigation. No soul buyer will escape from her unwavering gaze full of magic.

The Writing Style: I read this book almost in one sitting. (Just because I have two kids, who interrupt my process from time to time). This cleverly and beautifully written fantasy novel full of dynamically developing events and scary episodes. The author masterfully depicted the details. Most of the scenes are portrayed so vividly that it feels like you can touch the moon and explore its every inch. I really enjoyed the short chapters. It felt like jumping from one star to another, approaching the final one where the case is about to be solved.

The Characters: I quickly got acquainted with all the characters due to the incredibly detailed portrayal. I rarely meet such meticulously depicted characters when reading about the color of eyes makes me dive into two lakes with 1000 and 1 shade of blue. The habits and psychological features are also described brilliantly, making my heart squeeze while reading about vulnerable and trapped souls.

My Favorite Quote:

“If you take away the magic nothing makes sense.

Would I read other books by this author: Yes!

My humble rating is: 5/5

I hope you’ll enjoy taking part in the magical investigation as much as I did!

This book is available on Amazon.

Anyway, thanks a lot for dropping by and reading this post!

Stay safe, take care, and happy reading!

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“Darke Apocalypse” by Lee Hall

If you want to ‘go beyond true darkness’ and feel goosebumps running back and forth, this book is definitely what you need.

“The Prophecy of Old states that everything in Life and Death must be balanced.” Lee Hall, “Darke Apocalypse”

The Plot:  Blake Malone, Caitlyn Turner, Luke Hartford, and the rest of the crew come back to a ‘ghost town’ Darke Heath to break into a final fight with the true darkness that only pretends to vanish. On the contrary, it becomes more dangerous, darker, and ruthless than ever. The night creatures hide among the shadows, make up their dark-minded plans, and are ready to use the pure souls as bait to entrap those who stay on the bright side into their dark empire. Only time will show the result of the fight between the light and the darkness. Because the creatures living ‘beyond true darkness’ always have a creephole through which they can come back.

The Writing Style: This is the final book in this amazing series. It can be compared with a summit ascent – approaching the summit, the view gets better and better, but the most astonishing one is on the top. Every book in this series has its unique, captivating charm that holds your attention from cover to cover and motivates you to start reading the next one as soon as possible. I won’t be surprised if there are some new books in this series in the future. The final book is mesmerizing, action-packed, and a heart-squeezing page-turner about witches, vampires, demons, and other night creatures. The author succeeded in doing a great job – the summit ascent was penetrated with perilous twists, heartbreaking scenes, sarcastic humor, and adventurous spirit. But the spending view from the top conquered my bookish soul, making me live with the characters even after reading this gorgeous fantasy novel with a well-thought world-building.

The Characters: There was a torrential rain of tears in my bookish soul while reading one of the final scenes. The author showed vividly how the bottom of the young soul writhes in pain, trying to survive and preserve the inner light; this young soul goes through all the stages of maturing in accelerating mode. The characters are incredible and will live in my bookish heart forever; when my son and daughter grow a bit, I’ll definitely recommend them this series.

My Favorite Quote: “The Prophecy of Old states that everything in Life and Death must be balanced.”

Would I read other books by this author: Absolutely!

My humble rating is: A view from the top is always the best – that’s why I’m giving this book my highest humble rating – 5.5/5 stars.

My ‘word’ for 2022 is ‘balance’. This book is one of the most well-balanced books I’ve recently read. Everything in this series is amazingly balanced – love, death, life, humor, actions, mystery, danger, and so on. This is one more reason why I gave this book the highest rating. Lee Hall succeeded in creating a perfectly balanced witch/vampire series with the masterpiece on the top!

This book is available on Amazon, and buckle up in the mysterious yellow taxi and be ready to keep your eyes wide open even if ‘true darkness looks directly at you.

Anyway, thank you for dropping by and reading this review.

Stay safe, take care, and happy reading!

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“Darke Awakening” by Lee Hall

If you want to ’embrace the true darkness’ and have a ride on a ‘ghost horse’ through crowded night creatures, this book is what you need.

“Most people in this world have some good in them. especially when someone needs a little help”, Lee Hall, “Darke Awakening”

The Plot:  Blake Malone comes back to Darke Heath to confront the evil that starts awakening. ‘The sleepy town, surrounded by pines’ hides more and more dark and dangerous secrets. Those that are supposed to be buried appear to be alive and perilous more than ever. The life paths of Blake Malone and Twister are destined to cross, and together with the rest of the crew, they have to be pretty innovative to gain victory over the night creatures. The demons, shadows, vampires, and many other night creatures can’t wait to break into a fight, the outcome of which is sometimes impossible to predict, even for Foreseer.

The Writing Style: One more brilliant book in the “Open Evening” series that keeps readers in suspense from cover to cover. With every next book, the pace gets faster and faster – it seems you managed to tack up a ‘ghost-horse’ and ride like a bat out of hell. The dialogues still possess a perfect sense of humor in the background of the mortal danger, as if humor is one of the characters’ weapons. The brief wise musings flawlessly envelop readers’ hearts when the characters have a quick break in the dangerous game with the merciless night creatures.

The Characters: Lee Hall keeps balancing excellent world-building, intense plotting, and fantastically well-thought characters! His villains are truly soulless, back-stabbing, and cruel hellspawn; his heroes are genuinely ready-witted and kind-hearted (even though they try to hide it behind the ‘bravery’ armor. I felt so emotionally connected with them that sometimes it seemed to me I was in the “yellow taxi” that arrived at the right moment to save the situation.

My Favorite Quote:

“Sometimes no matter what you do to prevent dark things from happening, they just happen anyway.”

Would I read other books by this author: Sure!

My humble rating is: 5/5

“Everyone reacts differently to death. It’s a somewhat inevitable conclusion to life, but it always comes with a shocking force that we are never ready for” Lee Hall, “Darke Awakening”

I truly believe you’ll enjoy reading this book as much as I did!

This book is available on Amazon, and a perfect ghost horseback ride waits for you!

Anyway, thank you for dropping by and reading this review.

Stay safe, take care, and happy reading!

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