“Catfulness” by Paolo Valentino

Even if you are not a cat lover but want to change something in your life, this book will be a good advisor in making a new start.

“The real journey, an author once wrote, doesn’t consist in seeking out new places, but in having new eyes” Paolo Valentino, “Catfulness”

The Plot:  We follow a sort of seven weeks of retreat from a cat’s perspective. Observing his owner’s daily routine, the feline dissolves in thousands of musings on how to help humans improve and facilitate their lives. These reflections turn into ‘a cat’s guide to achieving mindfulness.’ The cat wonders if this book could be the start of your new life and help you live here and now, in the moment, to be specific.

The Writing Style: The author created the perfect small book in a cat’s style – active when it is needed and slow-paced when necessary. Seven weeks of short and deep cat’s pearls of wisdom are written easily and cutely relaxingly. Well-paced, curious, cute, and inspiring small book that makes you look at the world via wise cat’s eyes.  

Fave quote: “…Don’t turn off your curiosity, and life will continue to deliver, day by day, big and small surprises.”

Would I read other books by this author: Yeap!

My humble rating is: 5/5

A million “thank you” flies again to beautiful sisters Naaz and Farrah for this amazing B-Day gift! Cat Josef and I had so much fun reading it!

Thank you, dear reader, for dropping by and reading this post!

Stay safe, take care, live in the moment, and happy reading!

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