“Cemetery House” by Lee Hall

If you want to find yourself in the middle of shadows, monsters and foreseers, fire and dictionaries of dreams, creepy creatures, and a rain of ash, this one is what you are looking for.

“In this life you can either love or die; or you can just live…” Lee Hall, “Cemetery House”

The Plot: After an epic survival in “Open Evening,” Luke Hartford opens a new chapter of his life. It appears that “survival is just a beginning,” and pure evil keeps spreading its tentacles to get it done. Together with a new crew led by a man named Twister, they go to their hometown to face creepy creatures hiding in the shadows. “Cemetery House” meets them with mortal danger, demons of the past, and lots of riddles needed to be resolved to survive and see a sunrise again. The only way to get out of the hell is to run, but this time, it has to be done another way.

The Writing Style: The next book in the “Open Evening” series keeps grabbing attention from the first lines. The author succeeds in keeping the intrigue and tension of events from book to book. Having closed this one, I have two wishes: to write a review to share my ‘fresh’ musings as soon as possible and to open the next book in this series. Luckily, it waits for me on the bookshelf. The brilliantly dynamic events perfectly match the well-developed dialogues full of sarcastic humor and brief philosophical reflections. “Cemetery House” is one more excellent page-turner full of horror and unexpected twists.

The Characters: The number of characters remains almost the same. Introducing the new ones, the author continues telling the story of the previous ones. As well as the wine gets better and juicy with every new year, the “old” characters become mature, experienced, skilled, and more charmed with every new book. The female characters continue blossoming and revealing women’s superpowers fantastically; The males keep being rocks, strategic thinkers, and spontaneous knights of the elbow when the situation changes dramatically.

My Favorite Quote: “In this life you can either love or die; or you can just live…”

Would I read other books by this author: I’m already opening the next one!

My humble rating is: 5/5

“Terror always brings out the truth in people. Always.” Lee Hall, “Cemetery House”

You can find this amazing book on Amazon.

I hope that you will enjoy this book and others in this series as much as I did!

Anyway, thank you so much for dropping by and reading this review!

Stay safe, take care, and happy reading!

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