BOOK REVIEW / “The Ghost Beside Me”/ Lee Hall

If you are an introvert, if you believe in ghosts and that one encounter can turn a life upside down, you’ll enjoy reading this glorious novella.

“Some forces are worth believing in” The Ghost Beside Me, Lee Hall

Genre: paranormal/mystery novella   

Pages: 60

Language: English

Release date: 2019

The Plot:   Edward Neville is an introvert. His only passion, as well as a profession, is numbers. He lives his lonely life as an accountant who prefers Robinson Crusoe’s lifestyle. Being not communicative, he usually brushes people off and prefers staying on his own. But one day, Edward meets someone who used to be like him. This someone is a ghost who tries to help the lonely accountant to glance at the world outside from a different perspective. But the problem is that Edward doesn’t believe in ghosts. Whether beautiful ghost Molly can persuade Edward and save his soul, you can find out reading this brilliant novella.

The Writing Style: This is my first book by this writer. Having adjusted to his extraordinary and peculiar writing style, I could not tear off my eyes from this book. The novella is written in the form of a journal, where slow-paced writing mixes with heartbreaking scenes that made my heart galloping and acerates the reading pace. It sounds controversial a bit, but that’s how it was for me – slow and fast at the same time. I adored how the writer managed to describe an introvert’s inner world – so accurately, delicately, respectively, and with a note of love and an adventurous inner spirit.

The Characters: The number of characters is minimal. The writer succeeded in focusing and holding the attention stuck to the main character perfectly. I was glued to pages following his musings, inner battles, and decision-making. I loved how carefully and gradually the writer introduced the female character and how slowly but surely their relationship with the main character flourished.

Warnings: Anxiety, loneliness

My Favorite Quote: “Even in the deepest darkest of voids one can find something truly worth having in life, or death.”

Would I read other books by this author: Certainly yes!

My humble rating is: 5.5/5

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    Hello good followers, today I would like to share this wonderful review of ‘The Ghost Beside Me’ from awesome fellow wordsmith Ellen Khodakivska. To have such praise for a book that pulled me out a bad spot a few years back is humbling and I’m so proud that it meant something to another author. Be sure to check out Ellen’s blog.

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